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2007 Activities


2007 was a terrific year for CPR. We had only one campaign -- to Alto Cayma, Peru -- and grew tremendously in terms of our capabilities to provide care for the people of two continents.


Our campaign to Alto Cayma in October included 24 unique individuals with highly varied backgrounds. Geographically, we had representation from all parts of the US, including the west coast -- Washington, Oregon, and California, of course -- as well as the Midwest (Ohio), the south (Texas, North Carolina), and the northeast (Massachusetts, Connecticut). With 9 Physicians, a Clinical Psychologist, a Physician's Assistant, a Wilderness EMT, 5 RNs, and 7 that were designated as "non-medical", we had as much diversity in skills as we did in geography.


Over the course of the week we spent in Alto Cayma we were able to provide care to just over 1000 patients, including those we saw in their homes. As in previous years, our home visits were some of the most meaningful parts of the trip for our volunteers. Our focus was primarily on the age extremes -- children and the elderly. We were able to donate over US$ 3,500 Padre Alex's pharmacy to cover the cost of the medications we prescribed. If that figure is any measure of the impact we had on the community's health, I hope we can spend more each year.


By spending time in intimate contact with the people of Alto Cayma we were able to grow in ways none of us could have predicted. I think I can speak for the entire campaign when I say that this was a very beneficial growth opportunity for each one of us. I, for one, gather new insights, understanding, and appreciation for the people (residents, hosts and volunteers) on each trip. Quotes from some of our volunteers such as, "Our trip was by far the most emotional, educational, and enlightening experience of our lives," and, "... I came home grateful that I have a skill that can be of use to others and with renewed enthusiasm for my profession." reveal glimpses of personal enrichment.


New Projects: As a result of the 2007 Campaign, we at CPR have several new projects. First, responding to Padre Alex's requests, we are collecting funds to build a Women's Multipurpose Educational Center in the complex by the workshops, kitchens, and day-care areas. Of the anticipated US$ 20,000 that is needed to make this project a reality, we have already collected a bit over US$ 15,000. That means we need less than US$ 5,000 to bring us to the goal.


Another project is funding a new school lunch program for one of the schools where we worked near the clinic. This will be an ongoing need that will provide the necessary nutrition for these children to learn at top capacity so their generation can rise above the poverty that holds their parents captive. All donations are welcome for that project as well.


We sent a very small delegation to the Northern Peru city of Cajamarca at the end of the campaign in October. As a result, we now have one firm and one potential project waiting for us there.


In 2008 our first campaign will occur April 28 through May 13. We will be going to Cajamarca to work in the Centro Medico "Padre Luis Tezza".


In the fall, from the October 13 through 28, we will once again be working in Alto Cayma.


David Krier, MD, MSPH -- President, CPR


A typical campaign itinerary to Arequipa, Peru for a group leaving from Portland, Oregon will look something like this (Volunteers coming from other areas will need to plan to meet us in either Los Angeles or Lima):

  • Monday: Leave Portland on a 6:00AM flight. Arrive in Lima, Peru around midnight. Catch a few hours of sleep at a small, sort-of-near-the-airport hotel.
  • Tuesday: Depart for Arequipa at about noon, arriving around 1:00 PM. Tour the clinic and the clinic neighborhood, and (hopefully) the Convent of Santa Catalina that afternoon and evening.
  • Wednesday: Work in the makeshift clinic at the reform school.
  • Thursday and Friday: See patients in the clinic and in their homes. [Non-medical folks will work on much-needed community projects such as home construction/maintenance, child care/teaching, or meals-on-wheels - the variety of needs is incredible.]
  • Saturday: Spend the day at a mountain village clinic (at about 13,500 feet) seeing patients and helping with local projects. Finish the day by continuing up, over the mountain then back down to Puno, elevation 12,350 feet.
  • Sunday: Spend the day cruising on Lake Titicaca, visiting the man-made floating islands and the natural island, Taquile.
  • Monday: Return to Arequipa after touring the pre-inca ruin at Silliustani.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: See patients in the clinic and in their homes.
  • Thursday: Depart for Cuzco by air in the morning, check into the hotel and head out on a tour of various sites and relics of the Incas and Spaniards for the whole afternoon.
  • Friday: Tour the Sacred Valley of the Incas, including many outstanding Inca ruins and the world famous market at Pisac. Board the train in the evening for an overnight stay in Aguas Calientes.
  • Saturday: Ascend the mountain by bus to see Machu Picchu -- The Lost City of the Incas. Spend the whole day there, even after our guide leaves. Another overnight in Aguas Caliente.
  • Sunday: If you like, for an extra US$50, see Machu Picchu again on your own, or spend the day hiking or relaxing in the hot springs. Return to Cuzco by train that evening.
  • Monday: The morning will be free to explore Cuzco on your own and we will leave for Lima in the afternoon.
  • Tuesday: Arrive in Portland around 3:00 PM.



I must mention that the meals and entertainment will be fabulous (plan on gaining weight) and the tours and guides will be highly educational and entertaining - really! This will be one incredible trip.


The cost is broken down into two parts: air fare, and everything else. The air fare to Peru is the variable part, of course, and ranges from about US$ 1,200 to US$ 1,500 or so. The rest of the expenses are covered by a US$ 2,500 flat fee. That includes all lodging, most meals, ground transportation, tours, guides, medicines and clinic supplies, taxes, and a small donation to CPR. Basically, the only things not covered are alcohol, souvenirs, between-meals snacks, tips, personal medications, and film (or digital camera chips).


Plan to arrange for some time off and contact us as soon as possible to reserve your place on the campaign - it's an incredible experience! The contact numbers are as follows:


Phone - (503) 703-4745
Fax - (810) 454-0265
Email -





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